How to get Boom Beach Diamonds for Free

There have been a lot of questions on how to get Boom Beach Diamonds for free in game itself without having to neither do bogus surveys nor download any spam apps. If you have been playing Boom Beach for quite a while now then this is not for you because there are lots of things that I know for sure you are already aware of. Otherwise, if you are a beginner then this tutorial is perfect for you. There is lot of ways to get free diamonds, so I will make it quick and concise for everyone to understand.

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Well, the first and the very obvious way to get free diamonds is simply by downloading the app itself. If you are an Android user, then simply go to the Google Appstore, otherwise if you are using iOS devices, then go to the Apple Appstore. You will be getting around 500 diamonds just for downloading the game and that all can be used to speed up things in the beginning. The next way of getting free diamonds is by defending your base and by killing the troops that is destroying your base for that matter. As you can see, I was attacked last night while I was asleep but since I was able to fend off the enemy, I got a reward of around 25 diamonds. The third way of getting diamonds is by exploring around the archipelago thru your map. You’ll either find chest that appear when you haven’t been playing or when you clear the clouds are right there.

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Clearing clouds in Boom Beach is like clearing trees and bushes in Clash of Clans. If you are lucky enough, you will get considerable amount of diamonds. Moving on the way number four, that’s going to be completing achievements. You can see I was able to beat someone and it has a corresponding diamond rewards that I had received. I don’t have an active achievement that is why I can’t show you guys actual diamonds popping out over as a victory but you can see there’s a lot of diamonds to win.

Let’s go ahead and jump into the fifth way which is going to be the submarine. So, when I look around my map I see locations like this right here and you can go down and dive and you look and some of them offer diamonds. However, some of them you won’t know what you are going to get. I hope that the guide helped for those Boom Beach gamers out there.

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